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“I think that you die when your time comes and not until then. I feel the same about other things as I do about death. I don’t think you can change anything that is going to happen to you any more than you can change anything that has happened to you. That’s why I never worry, and that is why I don’t think people should get conceited and think themselves better than others.” –Olive Thomas.

While many stars enjoyed success in their lives, some of these lives were tragically cut short. Olive Thomas, a silent film actress and model, showed great promise during her life until it all came to an abrupt end because of her untimely passing at age 25


Thomas’s final film, Everybody’s Sweetheart, was released after her passing. Today, only fragments of the film survive. Moreover, legend has it that Thomas’s ghost haunts the New Amsterdam Theatre in New York.

Though Thomas’s story is tragic, she continues to inspire a variety of books and documentaries relating to her life. Several books about her have been published and she is the subject of several films, including the current documentary project, Olive & Jack.

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